Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Give me money, I make you thin

beach workout
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"I want to do yoga and pilates because I start on the floor - not as far to fall," I explained to Lex last night. She reminded me that she had done a pilates class at her gym a few months before and her muscles spasmed for three days afterwards. OK so perhaps my gym attendance will require a bit more forward-planning than I'd initially thought.

Equally the energetic gym sprite who met me upon arrival for "orientation" (aka Fat Pinch Test) sternly cautioned me against a routine entirely devoted to floor-based exercises. Something about my muscles having a memory, and my weightloss and toning program reaching a plateau...something something.

But on closer inspection, so few of the classes I actually want to do are offered at a time that I can do them. Who is attending these classes at 10am on a Tuesday? There must be some trim, taut, and terrific unemployed people in my neighbourhood!

I can do my classes in the evenings, and mix things up on the machines when I get bored (or miss the start of the class). I have already made a note to myself to stay away from the eliptical machine. That thing goes forwards AND backwards - way too much margin for error there.

Lex's recommendation is to pedal like mad on an exercise bike - sounds good to me. They're bolted to the floor and once I'm safely on, it would take a fair bit for even me to fall off. Check.

And memo to me - buy new ipod headphones, cause then I can walk on the treadmills, looking oh so cool, and catch up on my TV shows at the same time. I wonder if they get Food Network in there....


kilabyte said...

As an added safety tip ... use the exercise bike fitted with a seat belt, that way you're guaranteed to stay on - may look a little funny if you happen to slip sideways but at least your head wont hit the floor with that "all heads turning and looking at me" THUMP!!! Followed by the equally head turning .. F&&K!!!

Or, pay someone to do the riding for you while you lie on the Pilates mat and watch TV ... called exercising vicariously.

kilabyte said...

... PS, that safety tip came from your Government appointed Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare supervisor ... so no charge ... came out of your taxes.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're at the gym now coz it means we can go......WHEN I'M THERE IN OCTOBER!!!