Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'm in Scotland still

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Gee this library is a funny ole place - the PCs on one side of the room blast sirens when I try to blog, while those on the other side of the room are perfectly fine with it. Tricky.

So here I am, back in the library (nerd!!) trying to make this blog post sound interesting, even though I've done nothing of importance all week. Oh wait, I went to the beautician and had an eyebrow wax and eyelash tint. Now I look fabulous, and feel 3kg lighter, so all is well. No one sees me looking fabulous of course, so you may argue what's the point? But there you go.

Sigh. Sad times when you start to bore yourself, huh?

Oh okay so we went to a place called Braehead today. It's home to a bumper shopping centre (like Westfield I guess), and has a lot of the high street shops in it. We browsed Marks & Spencer; H&M; Boots chemists; and the list went on. I bought make-up. More correctly, I bought one stick of concealer. Pathetic effort but I was a bit overwhelmed with all the choice. Am I losing my touch on the shopping front? Maybe.

I also put my job application in yesterday for a Marketing and Communications Officer with Lone Parent Helpline. I would like to call on my International Prayer Circle to swing into action and send some good vibrations over here to wish me luck for it. Let the meditation begin.

Hmmm okay well that's about all from this side of the world. I trust you are all well and behaving. Please keep the gossip coming via email, all the stories make me smile and with this drizzly weather, smiles are all I have.

Or something.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Dotting my ayes and drinking my teas

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Hiya from Scotland - apologies for not blogging sooner. But what can you do when you cannae get to a computer?!

I am 100% fine, and my thanks to all who were a step away from phoning Scotland Yard because of my long absence from blogland and/or email world.

I am still unemployed and starting to get rather testy about the whole situation. I am about to apply for 3 jobs, one of which is in (gulp) finance. RJ from work will appreciate the irony in that one. But the finance job involves working with a multinational organisation where I'd be hired for my French & Italian skills. Ahem.

The house we are staying is beautiful, and in a quiet lane of only 4 other houses, bordered on either side by rhubarb fields. Normally I wouldn't have recognised a rhubarb plant if it smacked me in the face. Now I am quite comfortable with it and was even contemplating earning some quick cash by picking it when harvest time is ready. That's right friends, I was going to do manual labour for cash. That's how dire this situation is.

But I have drunk more tea in the past fortnight than is probably good for me. I have also started saying "aye" but am drawing the line at saying "wee". In any case, I can't say that without giggling just yet.

Take heart that things are good with me. I am happy and feeling good. I hope that next time I blog (from here at the Johnstone library), I will have good news on the employment front.

Love to all - hope you Adelaide folk enjoyed the Adelaide Cup Day public holiday.

Till next time xox

Monday, May 02, 2005

How are ye gettin' on, hen?

Last night, as a bit of a last soiree for us, we attended a quiz night in Paris (at a Scottish pub no less). We did not win or lose, but we got 4 out of 7 in the SPORTS round if you can believe it!! We could not believe it but figured it had to do with the inspiration that comes from Scottish beer consumption...or something.

I am now posting this from Heathrow while waiting to board the connecting flight to Glasgow. As Kate so prophetically mused yesterday, "your real life starts today".

Bring it on.