Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yep, that just about does it

Ask "Merlin"
Originally uploaded by ajna6 (mostly away a little longer - thanks!).

This is pretty much the position I've been sitting in - and the facial expression I've been wearing - all day.

It is simply too hot and sticky and steamy to do anything of substance today. After walking in the humid rain to brunch this morning, I've since been catching up on laundry and generally staring blankly out into space.

And of course I am secretly cursing myself for not having installed my window air conditioner already. On the day that I actually need it, I couldn't be bothered hoisting it into position (only to watch it fall 10 stories to the ground below).


As a guy said to me the other night, remarking on similar weather, "Ugh, it feels like a warm bath out here,". Too true.

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glamah16 said...

Hahaha. Go to a coll movie theater and watch The Dark Knight. Was excellent and I hate adventure action type movies. Our cutie Aarron Eckhart is in it.Im just chilling.