Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All aboard!

Big Pineapple, Queensland
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I went to another movie premiere tonight, this time it's the latest starring role for Seth Grogan ("Knocked Up" and others) called "Pineapple Express".

Don't be fooled; this is not a film about fruit, or about trains. It's a movie about smoking pot - lots and lots of pot. More accurately, it's about the creme de la creme of pot, known as "Pineapple Express".

Take a couple of stoners, throw in some crazy drug dealers, and hilarity ensues.

Actually to be fair, the film was pretty funny. I find that Seth Grogan is a little like Will Ferrell for me - I used to think he was annoying and then almost overnight, I grew to love him. And there were some gross-out moments, and some laugh-out-loud moments, and I think you need that on a Tuesday night.

And if anyone out there was looking for the 20-something single guys in Chicago tonight, they were all at my screening. Talk about "it's raining men", yikes!

Thumbs up for the movie AND thumbs up for the crowd!

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