Saturday, December 01, 2007

The little apartment that could

I cranked the heat up on two of the radiators in my apartment last night, because the weather channel suggested that a winter storm would come through the City today, and already the ominous chill was in the air. I don't normally put my heat on; I would rather just rug up (and have accordingly become re-acquainted with immensely thick, fluffy socks). But last night was different, because I was having L&D over.

I'd invited them over for pizza & wine, but from the look of my wine rack this morning, it appears we had a dinner of wine, with a side order of pizza!

We ordered pizza, chicken wings, and cheesy garlic bread from the delivery place that knows who I am, just by the Aussie accent. Embarassing (for me, that is). Fortunately I don't call the place too often these days.

And a bunch of conversations later, the problems of the world solved, D's phone beeped and we all realised that it was 3am. Wherever did the night go? The boys left shortly after, in choruses of "aww your place is so cute/charming/pefect" and I couldn't agree more.

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Kilabyte said...

... and a great time was had by all ...