Friday, November 30, 2007

A literal taste of home

Hamburger with the lot from Metzis
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Food-wise, there are lots of things I miss about Australia. With a bit of searching, I've managed to satisfy a lot of my from-home culinary desires but granted this does often involve a trip to a specialty supermarket or issuing a special order from within the US or overseas.

[Let me just add here that the Tim Tams released here under the Arnotts brand are a pretty darn good substitute - oh and another thing, I tried to lobby Haighs to export their chocolate here but they told me to bugger off. Actually, they asked me to tell the US Food & Drug Administration's stringent rules on importing of chocolate to bugger off, but I love my life too much to do that just yet.]

So imagine my joy & rapture last night when I found a fabulous inner-city pub that serves a near-perfect knockoff of the great Aussie "burger with the lot". It was like the Holy Grail, and I'm not exaggerating.

My Aussie readers will know what I'm talking about. The traditional Aussie "burger with the lot" is best provided by a good ole neighbourhood fish & chip shop, served as greasy as possible, complete with the usual burger ingredients plus a fried egg, beetroot, and a pineapple round. I am drooling just looking at this picture of course.

And it's funny because back home, the closer that the fish & chip shops are to the beach, the better the quality merchandise - at least that's what I think. There is something fundamentally Australian about picking up a burger with the lot, minimum chips, and then devouring all of it while sitting barefoot on the sand. If you can time this with a lovely sunset and a couple of cans of cold beer, then you have my ultimate dream date right there.

But enough of this Aussie wishful thinking. I have to face facts that I am living in sub-zero Chicago right now and the Bondi Burger at BB's (22 E Hubbard) really did hit the spot last night. Actually to be completely upfront about it, I didn't eat the burger myself; I just had a bite of it. What I enjoyed was the traditional Aussie chicken parmi. Oh man, that was soooooo good and there goes the drool again.

How is it possible that this pub has existed for this long, serving this sort of food, PLUS Coopers beer, and I hadn't visited it until last night? Shocking.

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Kilabyte said...

... and I know it's no consolation to you but the Clearview fish and chippery still churns them out with unnerving regularity to the waiting hordes ... and as my waistline attests (drool) ... to the point its almost hard to get served becoz they're so busy taking phone orders these days. And no,NOT greasy anymore but no sacrifice of flavour either. Hmmmm, burgers ...