Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I vote for a holiday

I got paid today and took a look at my vacation entitlement for the rest of 2007. It is not a healthy picture. The disappointing lack of hours left owing to me suggest that the rest of my calendar year is going to be busy.

It suggests no last-minute flights to sunny destinations, or even early minutes to sashay down Michigan Avenue, in the manner in which I would surely become accustomed.

But no matter what my pay slip says, I'm still going to make time to visit the German markets in Daley Plaza because I need to buy some Christmas decorations. Actually, I need to buy a tree first. Or at least do a Clark Griswold and yank one out of the ground by its roots. Whatever.

And I gotta get me some of those cinnamon sugar almond thingies that I like so much. And a glass of warm gluwhein. In all my excitement I didn't even spell that right. And I don't even care. Just the thought of it warms me to my toes.

I do love my job, so I only complain about it because it keeps me from a Chicago christmas. I just have to hope that nobody is having any fun out there while I'm at my desk. They're not having any fun, right?!


kilabyte said...

.... nooooooo Gabster ..... no fun ....... [sorry Sue, hold the champers and chockies until I finish this note]

Lexie said...

hot nuts HOT NUTS!

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