Monday, December 10, 2007

My brain is better when it's turned off

The weekend was a bit of a blur of blackness, as I spent much of it in the cinema.

Very early in the morning on Saturday, I saw a screening of the new Disney movie "Enchanted". I can see why it has been getting rave reviews - it is such an adorable movie. Even McDreamy Patrick Dempsey was so charming but I have to say, James Marsden (Cyclops from "X-Men") stole the show - he was so camp and cheesy and wonderful.

We wandered in the frosty Chicago air to the German Christmas Market right Downtown, and I made a beeline for the toasty glazed almonds. Well, we kinda made a beeline for the nuts but we couldn't find them, and then we got stuck in the crowd, and then I watched as a demented woman tried to run over another woman with her kid's stroller - it was the Christmas spirit at its best. NOT.

And then on Sunday, we both went to a much smaller screening of two movies, "Away From Her" with the lovely Julie Christie, and "3:10 to Yuma" with Christian & Russell. Ahh bless. The screening was actually held in a small movie theater inside of an apartment building - I guess that's the way the other half lives, or something...

I was sad that they didn't have a candy counter at the smaller screening as I was very much in the mood for buttered popcorn, but a quick stop at the 7-11 next door fixed me up with enough Diet Coke & chocolate to see me through.


glamah16 said...

There ought to be a law. Dont drink Gluhwein and push a stroller.

Batreg said...

Am I stringing out the quite clearly I can see your nuts gag yet?

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