Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's fabulous, dahling

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The lovely Bork took us all out last night to a show at Chicago's famous "Baton Lounge" in River North. Why have I not known about this place before? It was AMAZING. I couldn't believe that the gorgeous 'girls' on stage (all post-op from the looks of them) could lip synch quite so well. We had impersonators for Tina Turner, a rather rotund Cher (complete with body stocking costume - yikes!) and one of the ladies did an homage to Stevie Nicks & Pat Benatar - it was awesome. They were wonderful entertainers.

There were loads of bachelorette parties in there with us last night, many of whom were already about 5 beers ahead of us so you can imagine how raucous it got! But everyone was in high spirits and in the mood for a good night, so before long we were all woo-hooing and clapping along and being thoroughly entertained.

At around 10pm, we walked to the Park Hyatt and had some delicious cocktails at NoMi, and we were well looked after by my favourite waiter, Stefan. He even gave us some recommendations of a Polish restaurant we could go to before the girls go home later this coming week. Jems was a particular fan of my favourite cocktail - The Looking Glass Martini - so I was well chuffed.

When NoMi closed (around 1.30am), we walked to a very cute piano bar (not sure what the name is unfortunately) but that place was closing as we got there. Very unfortunate. So I took Mum home in a cab while Jems & Bork went to Hang Ups to dance to 80s tunes. I grabbed a cab back to town once Mum was safely tucked up in bed and danced with the girls until the bar closed - are you seeing a pattern here?

I took Jems to my favourite dive bar downtown but that too was closing (last drinks were called just as we got there). How inconvenient, right?

Needless to say we were both ready to call it a night at that stage - well it WAS morning after all. But we got home before the sun came up, just.

Okay my vision is now blurring because I have to squint to type this - the daylight is piercing my eyeballs. I think I'm going to lie down. I can't quite hack the pace anymore I think haha. But you know what? I got to introduce the girls to another close friend of mine (who they understandably loved) and me and Bork got to show them some amazing after-hours sites in Chicago. What a great night out!

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