Monday, October 22, 2007

Shake your groove thang

Solar System
Originally uploaded by Tommy Simms.

We went to Sidetracks last night for Showtunes and had an absolute blast - but I always knew we would. Mum & Jems did not sing as loudly or dance as energetically as I did, but I think that's because they were mesmerised by the big screens and astounded by just how much the boys get into performing the show tunes for one another and dancing all the routines.

After show tunes, it was 70s night and I turned into a disco diva and boogied with some friends while Mum & Jems continued to look on.

We then had a late-ish meal at a diner nearby and called it a night. And today, my feet aren't even tired from all that booty-shakin', nor am I hoarse from all my harmonising. Awesome.

Today we're off with the fishes at the Shedd Aquarium to take in yet another cultural site for Chicago before Mum & Jems head home on Thursday and I succumb to separation depression.


glamah16 said...

You will need another vacation after all of this! I hope they are liking Chicago. Seems like they are.:-)

Batreg said...

Noooo it's too quick, they have to stya longer. There must be something you can do - is defacing passports still a crime? I say still because ... well never mind

kilabyte said...

Well ..... speaking for myself, I'm happy if they stay for a bit longer ... but .... is there someone out there who is good at ironing shirts and dusting???

Batreg said...

You really need a better trained pooch! The ironing might be a bit tricky but surely he could dust on his way through the house?