Monday, September 24, 2007

You can't be blue in this City

John Mayer and Buddy Guy at "Legends"
Originally uploaded by Contrails.

On Friday night, I had suggested to a few friends who were looking for a good live music venue that we go to "Buddy Guy's Legends Bar". I'd been a few times before and I've always had a good time there.

And as if the fates were smiling on us, Buddy Guy himself took the stage and jammed with the band, stopping a few times to take a shot brought to him by the buxom young bartenders. Whatever, it's all part of the performance.

I have decided that even though blues basically just trucks out the same 12 bars over and over, I find it more enjoyable to experience than jazz. I'm sure the style of Buddy Guy and the talented guest performers that his bar attracts have helped me reach this conclusion. They all seem to have such fun up there, and the audience has an amazing time.

My cab driver even told me that Buddy Guy takes the stage every night of the week during January so I will definitely have to keep going back for that.

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