Monday, October 08, 2007

Navel gazing and whatnot

I never actually intended to take a hiatus from blogging, it seriously just happened that way. I could give the usual excuses - being snowed under at work, living a crazy busy social life, nursing an addiction to Facebook, and all that stuff - and none of it would be a lie. But I guess no one likes a whiner, and nobody cares what my excuses are, so I'll just throw myself back in the online literary community, and reflect on the weeks that have been. And as this story unravels, you'll see that I have been quite the sportsfan in recent weeks. I know, what the?!

Anyway, I choose to tell this story retrospectively, as my memory works better that way:

  • All three sports teams that I cheered for on the weekend lost. I actually bothered to get out of bed to be at the pub at 8am to watch the Wallabies get beaten (by the Brits, no less!), then observe New Zealand (aka the best looking team in the business) lost to France, and THEN the Cubs got their butts handed to them - again - by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the baseball playoffs. Fortunately I was not sober enough by that stage of the evening to logically register this as a true trifecta of defeats.
  • I guess the AFL grand final set the stage for the defeats, now that I think about it. The Chicago AFL team hosted a sell-out grand final party at a neighbourhood bar and the night was great. Until the football started and Port Adelaide Power played like a bunch of primary school girls. I was so embarassed I wanted to leave at 3/4 time.
  • But the news has not been all bad on the footy front. Our local Chicago AFL team won the Midwest grand final the other week and we celebrated in spectacular fashion. I missed the game of course (as IKEA summoned me and then I had to set my new furniture up - and drop it on my foot for good measure), but I was there for all the fun of the after footy party. We left the bar when it closed, and then processed down the street to the footy President's house for a roof top party. Hmm that was another weekend I got home at around 5am Sunday. Weird.

So there you have it. I have been absent for a little while, but apparently screaming myself hoarse for a bunch of football players, rugby teams, and baseballs stars, who proceeded to lose in dramatic fashion. Am I really such a bad omen for this big, weird world of sports?!


dodgey said...

barrack for geelong next year will ya......your curse may work on them

Batreg said...

Gab's curses are all powerful ...

Jammin' Jemma said...

Something else of Gab's are all powerful too but that's only if she's eaten baked beans! :p