Sunday, September 09, 2007

The home that Gab built

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Little by little, I am helping this apartment take shape. Fresh flowers help, even though they are probably an expense I do not need to go to on a regular basis. But the place is getting there.

I bought a sofa bed on Friday night, ignoring my personal objections to second-hand bedding, for reasons of health and hygiene. I fairly rigorously interviewed the previous owner of MY sofa, and left her apartment fairly confident that nothing unsavoury had ever be done on, in, or near my new baby.

My new sofa bed is actually white, which will no doubt come as a shock to anyone that knows me. However, I am happy to own a white sofa because it is from IKEA and the white cotton slip cover is entirely machine-washable and in the event of a stubborn staining, the slip cover is cheap to replace. Splendid.

Have not yet 'shopped' in Biggsy's basement to procure a television, though this will come. Am rather preoccupied with mastering the mysteries of the "wireless router" to ensure an uninterrupted stream of internet connection. Cable TV is next on the list and can, therefore, wait.

I did my bit for the US penal system today by purchasing some deliciously soft bath towels by Martha Stewart. There is something amazingly comforting about bath sheets, don't you think? Each one wraps around me twice and I just love that.

I used my oven for the first time yesterday too. I baked Hooters buffalo wings. In her own way, I'm sure that Martha Stewart is doubly delighted for me.

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kilabyte said...

Quite the little house-frau ...... I'm sending an apprentice your way and I expect her 'beaten-in-to-shape' by the time she comes home.