Monday, August 06, 2007

Defying gravity is not always fun

ground control to major tom
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A friend told me a few weeks back that as a Leo, August 2007 would herald a cosmic turning point for me. From what she says, the next ten years - at least - will be an easy ride, particularly given where I've come from (again, cosmically-speaking).

I don't normally go in for that astrology stuff, but I was open to the idea that August would bring some good vibes, happy news, festivities - something that would give me cause to celebrate.

Now naturally I haven't given August much credit yet; it IS only the sixth of the month, after all. But so far I haven't scored any runs on the board that I feel I need to blog about. Instead, I'm rather apathetically going through the motions of life, trying to find enthusiasm for things.

I don't suppose it helps that this expected surge in good fortune also coincides with weather that feels like a sauna. I am not built for humid conditions, I know that now. I'm not alone in this, but such weather makes me sleepy and grouchy all at once, and that is a terrible combination, especially post-coffee. Perhaps there are some situations that coffee can't fix, after all.

So I'm supposed to be soaring this month and so far it's not the butterlies-in-the-stomach high that I expected to feel. Perhaps the next three weeks will turn things around. With Miss Kate scheduled to arrive next Thursday for a few days of R&R in Chicago (yeah right), my spirits should be cheered significantly. So really all I have to do is make it to late next week in one piece, and the planets can do what they will after that time.


Parisienne said...

Well, obviously as a fellow Leo, although tragically with one more year on the scoreboard than you, hopefully our good fortunes will be doubled as of next week. My August so far seems to be going well. Excellent fun had at the Fringe festival in Edinburgh this weekend including a spectacular performance called "Bouncy Castle Macbeth" which I know you would have loved as much as I did (although I expect you know the storyline so you may even have enjoyed it more). Can't wait for next week either precious. See you v soon.

Batreg said...

Rest & Relaxation ... is this the same Miss Kate I met that is coming to visit you?? There will be no R&R if that's the case!! Hopefully August and the planetary alignments are kind to you both xx