Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For those who like spam....a lot

Spam wall
Originally uploaded by freezelight.

Whoever would have thought that the internet could yield such treasures?

This link is dedicated to Miss Kate, who will arrive in the Windy City very soon to spend a crazy few days with me and my friends.

Until we can quote these in person, Katie...enjoy!


Batreg said...

I wish to report a burglary

Gab In The City said...

The parrot is not stunned.
He is stone dead.
He is bereft of life.
He has passed on.
I do not wish to pursue my line of inquiry any further - this is getting silly.

kilabyte said...

... one little thin wafer sir ... bring another bucket .....

Parisienne said...

Very dangerous for me to read things like that at work....

Excellent web scouting Miss Gabi ;)

Crowd: We are all individuals
Man: Well I'm not!

I am French. Why do you think I have this outraaaageous accent?!

lexi said...

I think that you are looking at a Korean grocery store. Did you know you can buy gift packages of this stuff for your boss/coworkers at holidays?!