Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's art, dahling...and other stuff besides

Art Institute of Chicago
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I have just spent a wonderful weekend with Celine here in Chicago and even though I'm so tired, I can honestly say it was a blast and well worth all the fatigue.

Celine arrived in Chicago late yesterday afternoon and our first stop was Just Grapes to pick up my monthly wine delivery. We may have stayed for their free wine tasting too. Yum yum.

Then we took the bus back to my place just in time for her appointment with my lovely and crazy hairdresser. Celine complimented her in French and of course Dara loved it - I have to agree that even the most banal sentence sounds so much nicer when delivered in French, n'est-ce pas?

After a bit of lounging around at home, a few episodes of "Scrubs" and a glass of lovely rose each, we then took the bus to Southport for dinner at Coobah. I had never tried their lobster chowder before, but I will definitely have it again. And the margarita was, typically, fabulous. When we had finished our dinner and it was time to leave, there was a line-up for tables at the restaurant so I guess we chose a pretty cool place to dine.

Then it was on to the Park Hyatt for a cocktail at NoMi. We even managed to score a table outside on the Terrace, and we sat there and enjoyed the cool breeze and the people-watching until nearly midnight.

The morning started with an early trip to the new Whole Foods supermarket which has easily surpassed Disneyland as the happiest place on earth. It is awesome in the true, dictionary-approved definition of the word. I could happily die next to the olive bar, or the cheese counter, or the individual desserts. Blissful.

Me and Celine then caught the bus to Minnies for brunch. Located at Halsted and Armitage, the place is an old-time diner with the teensiest little things on the menu - baby ketchups, mini mustards - the whole place is adorable. But the servings look small and are suprisingly filling, which is a lovely treat. The whole experience is only improved by the fact that Minnies is located down the road from Lori's, the most adorable shoe store in Chicago [don't worry Jems, I'll take you there in October!].

After a short ride on the Brown Line El train to Downtown, we spent a few very cool hours browsing the artworks at The Art Institute (my first visit there ever!). It was straight out of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I loved it. And Museum shops do something weird to me - this one was amazing and I walked away with a lovely Andy Warhol Marilyn reproduction; just lovely.

Then it was time for a genuine Chicago hotdog and a relax in the shade in Millennium Park, alongside the beautiful Bean. Me and Celine sat there for over an hour and it was just wonderful.

But like all good things, Celine's visit with me came to an end and I accompanied her to Union Station to see her off back to Milwaukee (and then a return to Brussels). As for me? I hitched a ride on the free trolley bus and played tourist for a while, farewelling the out-of-towners at State Street where I switched for my proper bus home.

As I write this, Preston lies fast asleep on the bed next to me. Lucky bastard.

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Parisienne said...

Sounds like you guys had so much fun. Wish I could have been there! A bit dangerous taking Celine to an adorable shoe shop though I would have thought... She is worse than you!