Thursday, August 09, 2007

I haven't got ball players, I've got girls!

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Baseball is easily the national pastime here in the US and I can remember that when I moved to Chicago, the White Sox triumphed in the World Series, so baseball kinda because "my" sport. I suspect that had I arrived in the middle of football season, I would be a die-hard Bears fan - such is life.

Now I've seen the Cubs play at Wrigley Field a number of times now and I love it there. And why wouldn't I? It's the largest outdoor bar in the world. Sure there are baseball fans, but it's the atmosphere, the beer, and the hotdogs that most people go for, I'm sure. It's certainly not the Cubs batting average because by and large, they suck.

By contrast, the Chicago White Sox, as winners of the 2005 World Series, seem to take the game more seriously and, as a result, the fans do too. Last night I got to see US Cellular Field for myself when I took in my very first live Sox game.

Hands down the best thing about Chicago's baseball scene is that you don't really need to understand what's going on; rather you just have to be willing to cheer loud and sing when required. And I am more than happy to play along with that. I am a great cheerleader when it counts.

My seats were in the 11th row of the stadium and I'm pretty sure that if we tried hard enough, we could smell the ball players' aftershaves - we were that close.

And the food is heaps better at Cellular Field too - bratwursts with sauerkraut or onions, pretzels, cold beer, MARGARITAS, I mean - come on, people! Why did I not discover this place before?!

Oh yeah, and the Sox won. Though admittedly I left at the start of the 8th inning, and therefore read about the end of the game in this morning's newspaper. Whatever. Told you - soak up the atmosphere, sing when you have to, and just get into it.


kilabyte said...

heading came from a good movie too ...and of course here we have the derby, the Crows v the Power, overcooked (or stale) Balfours pies and pasties, beer in plastic cups and you can "belly up to the bar" (if you have one) ......

glamah16 said...

Well I'm glad you made it to my neck of the woods. It was fun. Now back to the diet for me.