Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Big bada boom

Firework Composite
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When B&S invited me to join them for a rooftop picnic at their Downtown apartment, and then to view the 3 July fireworks from that same lofty vantage point, I did not even hesitate. It was only when I heard that rain was forecast that I started to wonder whether everything would go ahead.

A lot people, S included, finished work early on Tuesday to make their way home and prepare their BBQs in advance of the big night-sky display. I had to finish at normal time, but I was all prepared with my contributions of roast chicken, rolls, and salads (purchased the night before - yay me). So I grabbed a cab from my office to meet B&S in their apartment. The view of Lake Michigan from their place is just lovely - though S assured me that during winter, ice as far as the eye can see is just depressing.

We assembled our roof top picnic and took the elevator all the way to the top. There weren't many people out there when we arrived, though the place fairly quickly filled up. And the weather held out, with the fat raindrops only starting to fall when the last firework had lit up the sky. It was great.

And today is a public holiday in observance of US Independence Day. I can't help but think of the Will Smith movie whenever today rolls around. Alien takeovers, President Bill Pullman, the entire planet saved by an alcoholic crop duster. But the best part of all? I get the day off too. God Bless America :)

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Batreg said...

Hope you've had a Happy Independence Day, soon you'll have one every day - when you move out on your own ... I'd try to limit the roof top fireworks to only a couple of times a year tho