Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's brunch, friends, but not as we know it

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So carrying on my new tradition of being a bruncher, I headed to "Orange" on Clark/Belmont yesterday with some friends and it was really great. Lex had seen the place profiled on The Food Network, which was endorsement enough for me.

Even though we had to line up, I was happy to stand outside in the Saturday sunshine and psych myself up for a plateful of the "Green Eggs and Ham". A throwback to the delightful Dr Seuss book of the same name, this dish features scrambled eggs mixed with basil and chunks of ham. Oh and a delicious mound of mashed potatoes (in lieu of fatty hash browns) on the side. Delish.

And to start our meal, me and Lex shared a plate of frushi, though ours was not as elaborate as the photo above. But indeed, frushi is fruit sushi. The rice is infused in fruit juice, and rolled around some yummy combinations of fruit, sitting on top of a strawberry puree. It was very tasty.

"Orange" may not be much to look at inside, but it's worth the line-up in any case. The menu is huge, and I figure I'll have to go back there many more times before I can consider that I've fully covered it.

But for now, I'm going to have to get out and enjoy some 80 degree Sunday sun - what a weekend of fine weather we have had! Shame to waste it indoors...

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Batreg said...

I too am hanging on to the final remnants of sunshine here in SA. I don't want it to end ... it will - I'm delusional thinking it might not but I can't face the dreary bleakness, not again!