Thursday, March 22, 2007

You can't turn your back on it

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Dear Biggsy

You have been out of the office for a few days now, and you would not believe the drama you've missed. But because I care, I'm going to bring you up to speed on the big ticket items and you can leave it to flashbacks to fill in the rest. So here's "The Bold and The Beautiful" - the week that was...

Brooke is in Sydney and today was the best B&B opening EVER. Sweeping shots of Sydney Harbor, kangaroos, koalas, lifesavers, splashing ocean waves, the whole bit. And the first scene of the show? None other than the Royal Botanic Gardens. I think we all cried a little.

But rather than go to the Oyster Bar (Mero's suggestion) or climb the Centerpoint Tower (my idea), Brooke sat on wall at Sydney Harbor and phoned Ridge. Lame.

Brooke told Ridge that the Forresters fabulous poster girl for the fragrance (Phoebe, naturally) is causing quite a stir in Sydney and perhaps Phobes should accompany Ridge out to Sydney. And then she threw in the old chestnut: "I think Rick should come too". Cue the drama and the staring off into space. In walks RIck and Ridge tells him that Phoebe is going to Australia - and that Brooke recommended he go too. More staring off into space.

Rick does time travel and ends up in someone else's office, telling Phoebe that she's going to Australia. More clandestine smooching. Then Rick hears Ridge coming, tells Phoebe to act surprised when she's told she's going to Sydney, and he dashes behind a door. Lame.

Phoebe tries to act surprised, but it's hard to tell. Very lame.

Next thing we know they're on the Forrester private jet. Ridge is asleep and Phoebe and Rick are trying to fight their feelings. Randy Phoebe tries to sneak a kiss and Ridge snorts in his sleep. They get spooked and roll their eyeballs at each other. Lame.

Change of scene to Nick and Taylor - clothed but still smooching. Do they ever quit? Anyway Taylor bought Nick a perfect recreation of the Marlin (aka the Titanic that they crashed after their aquatic romp). Anyway Nick gets down on one knee and proposes. Shocking. Taylor tries to cry but the Botox has shrivelled her tear ducts. But somehow she squeaks out an acceptance.

Clearly going through her cell phone back in Australia, Brooke calls Nick (apparently to ask him if he's remembered to pick up Hope from daycare or some crap excuse. Lame). Taylor answers his phone and can't resist telling Brooke that they are engaged. Stunned silence from Brooke. She looks disappointed.

Taylor passes the phone to Nick, emerging from the bathroom in his underpants, and Brooke somehow musters a 'congraulations'. Then we get a 10-minute series of flashbacks of a whole lot of Nick/Brooke smoochy scenes with their wedding and Nick in his sailor suit (very dashing). There is regret there, you can just tell. Both Nick and Brooke were having the same creepy flashbacks. Lame.

So you can see that much of the episode was lame, but quite possibly one of the most fantastic 30 minute TV experiences of our lives.

Looking forward to having you back tomorrow to enjoy the next exciting instalment with us!

Gab x


kilabyte said...

Dear Biggsy,

You need a life ........

Anonymous said...

Gaarbi.... you are right. Lame.

dodgey said...

didnt take long to hit the small screen - they were only here a few weeks ago filming and having all the local wannabe celebs sucking up.

batreg said...

Slow week in the big smoke? I hear you!