Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Al fresco virgins

The weather in Chicago right now is not good by conventional standards but by Chicago standards, we're doing pretty well. Lake Michigan and the Chicago River have thawed out, and we no longer face the lung-squeezing, bone-chilling frost that has knocked us around for the past few months.

Today of course we had thunderstorms or, more accurately, we had one giant clap of thunder and a whole lotta rain. But it was pleasant weather - around 16 degrees Celcius, so I could hardly complain.

And I met up with Jenn, and my new friends B&S, for a champagne tasting and then dinner. We even scored free bellini at the Italian restaurant for being their first patrons of 2007 to sit outside! After a quick wipe-down of the table and chairs, we braved the elements and dined al fresco. It was like being in the eye of a hurricane though. There was barely any wind and while the footpath was still wet from the day's soaking, you got the impression another downpour would not come for a few hours yet. All the same, we dined on the edge, ready to throw ourselves inside if the rain did come.

Quartino's on State Street actually offers Italian tapas, so we enjoyed plates of food to share including a really delicious quattro stagioni pizza with delicious artichokes on top. And I don't even like artichokes! Who knew they could be so yummy.

And I've come home to find my new coffee maker has been delivered and we managed to work out how to program it to make two cups of the most delightful coffee I've had in a while. Now I just hope I can get to sleep tonight!

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batreg said...

And here, with summer waning we're clinging to alfresco dining like crazy people. As the clocks turn back and the chilly winds crank it up a notch, we're using the menu's as wind breaks, provided you keep them away from the corner of your eye, everyone should get out unscathed!