Sunday, March 25, 2007

A night out with the girl

French Martini
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When Luis invited me out for his boyfriend's birthday I wasn't sure what to expect. But for the longest time I had wanted to go to see a drag show at "The Kit Kat Club" just around the corner from my house, so of course I accepted the invite without hesitation.

As the French Martinis went down and down, I very much enjoyed the vocal stylings (aka miming) of our fabulous entertainment, whose name I unfortunately did not catch. To the strains of Dreamgirls and then Rhianna, she belted out some great tunes and looked fabulous. I was wearing my new black suede stilletos and yet her shoes were higher than mine. And Lex wore as much mascara as she could possible slather on, and STILL the drag queen had more. We just couldn't compete.

And I even had my tarot cards read. I think the woman was a hack. She had some profound things to say, but I think I may have lead her a bit too much. And she could have lied to me, instead she had a rather bleak romantic future to impart to me. Boo hoo.

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batreg said...

All p-sychic, clairvoyant, tarot readers are charlatans! I know this because ...