Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well it's hardly "PC"

Speak No Evil
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I could tell that my last comment had stung her. Lex recoiled from me, covering her mouth in shock. It was the reaction I had been expecting of course but neverthless I proceeded.

I pressed on because I was proud of my efforts yesterday to design a poster for work's ANZAC Day event. I managed to find a great photo to use in a watermark on the poster, and creatively positioned all the necessary text around it.

But the sting in the tail that made Lex freak?

I designed it myself.
On a PC.
In Microsoft Word.
I almost used Word Art. [I said "almost".]

As a committed Mac user, I thought I might have to give Lex CPR to help her get over my indiscretions. I don't see anything bad about it, given that I have something close to a mortal fear of Apple computers.

"Have you sent it out yet or is there time for me to fix it?" is all Lex wanted to know. She hasn't even seen it and yet she knows it sucks. Oh okay, she knows it can be better. And all I know is? I trust her implicitly and she's a thumping rockstar, no question. This year's ANZAC invitation is going to be fab.


kilabyte said...

Nice to have artistic friends ....

batreg said...

Mac's are good no doubt about it, there's MacDonald's, MacKinlay's and Mac-ipods


Jammin' Jemma said...

It's fab.......
Coz it was designed by Gab...

Get it? eh? eh? eh?