Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Leaving, on a jetplane

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...and you know the rest.

Yet my bags aren't packed, and I'm not ready to go. But given that work is expecting me back on Monday 8 January I had better do my bit and show up, eh? I kinda like that whole 'being employed' thing.

I had a beautiful family breakfast this morning at my place, also attended by the not-biological-but-still-family members, Josh, Reg, Linda, and Matt. It was a delicious BBQ breakfast that Mikey the Tongmaster cooked up for us - bacon, tomatoes, sausages, eggs, and even some shake-and-bake pancakes. Yummo.

While a load of my laundry spins around the machine, my head is likewise swimming as I contemplate just how to stuff all my bits & pieces into two pieces of luggage. Lex, you'll be pleased to know that the souvenirs will occupy more luggage space than my clothes! Okay perhaps not, but it will be a close call. I didn't realise just how full my closet here in Adelaide was, so I needn't have bothered bringing all the clothes I did. But in an effort to justify hauling my Chicago wardrobe halfway around the world, I was doing a two-outfits-per-day thing for a while there. Neat. But the laundry? Not so neat.

I got some great photos while I was here in Adelaide, thanks in large part to get-togethers with family and friends, but also due to the beautiful weather we had here. Below are some photos taken of the cultural icons of North Terrace, that I snapped as I headed to my lunch with Annie, Jele, and Clare Bear, at the Art Gallery Cafe yesterday. There is something wonderful about sitting in the sunshine with three of the most charming ladies around, enjoying a lazy lunch and long overdue chat.

State Library of South Australia - Adelaide SA Museum - Adelaide The Art Gallery of South Australia - Adelaide

Next time I write, I will be layered up in Chicago, hopefully enjoying some take-out Thai food as a reward for surviving my 20+ airborne hours. So this is me, signing off. To everyone who has tuned in to this site since 17 December 2005, thanks for taking this Adelaide journey with me.

And a special shout-out to all my home-based friends & family: thanks for showing me a great time back home and convincing me that Adelaide really is the best city around (factoring in some local bias there) and I'll see you all next time for more fun and laughs!

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batreg said...

Don't goooooooo!!!
It was great to see you Gab and good to know that no matter what it's easy for us to pick up where we left off. Safe travels and stay warm xx