Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Adelaide Alcoholics?

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I was talking to Jems late yesterday, as we waited for my dinner guests at the Belgian Beer Bar in Adelaide (The Oostende). Jems volunteered that she had surely consumed more alcohol in the time I've been home than she ever drank over the rest of the year. My aunt had suggested the same thing on Christmas Day.

Surely they are not suggesting that I am the common denominator here?

But then I looked back over my Chicago blog and realised that I have really been writing a veritable Drinker's Guide to the Windy City. If I'm not writing about wine tastings, I'm writing about beer hangovers. The common themes of my blog posts really do seem to be eating & drinking, but admittedly mostly drinking. And I have to concede that my Adelaide vacation has so far been one libation after another but surely that's what holidays are for, right?

So rather than turn this blog on its head right now and talk about Adelaide's beautiful architecture or cultural diversities, I'm just going to revert to type and tell you about my pub crawl last night!

The Oostende - Adelaide The Stag - Adelaide Sugar Nightclub - Adelaide The Austral - Adelaide

Along with Jems, Joely, T, and Gav, we hit 4 pubs along Rundle Street - The Belgian Beer Bar, The Stag, Sugar, and The Austral. Not surprised, are you? And yes, Coopers Pale was consumed, naturally. I tasted it, and it was good. And it was equally good to see Joely again, who has returned to Adelaide from teaching English in Japan. He looks great, and seems to have good memories of his time there. Jems and I ended up getting home just before 1am, so it wasn't a late night, but the weather and company were both lovely so I enjoyed the evening very much.

Resolution Alert: Jenn, if you're reading this post, 2007 is a New Year for a New Gab. Please put the personal trainers on standby at The Cult. You heard it here first, folks.

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glamah16 said...

And maybe a room in the Betty Ford clinic for a spell? Just Kidding.