Friday, August 04, 2006

The water baby makes a splash

This morning I slid out of bed at 5.10am and managed to find myself at the bus stop before 6am. I had made an appointment at the Union League Club's Athletic Department to sign my gym contract and make arrangements for my shiny new locker that will store all my bits and pieces.

Having toured the gym before, I was resolved to make swimming my chief physical activity. I want to try a spinning class too (on the exercise bikes) but Melissa at work warned me I should start slowly. I think that's code for "you're too unfit, you'd die". Fair call.

Rocking up at the Club at 6.20am, I charged up to the 22nd floor and introduced myself to the Athletic Director, a very spritely man named Jim, who patiently outlined the rules and regulations, and even offered to give me a locker in the men's room for only $20 a month (nice try Jimbo).

But then Jim looked me square in the eye and asked me whether I was intending to work out today? Without even thinking, I said "are you crazy?". Hmm, apparently he was serious. I told him that I was sorry, that my eyes weren't properly open yet, and perhaps I could return on Monday and start my gym regime in a fresh, new week. He agreed that was a good idea. And then he pointed me to the coffee shop. I love Jim.

Heyyyyy....Jim....gym....maybe it's a sign that I'm going to take to this new swimming regime like (dare I say it) a duck to water?!


Anonymous said...

It's very important to pace yourself Gaarbi. I hope the coffee was worth it - after getting up so early. Maybe next time Jim will bring the coffee to the water's edge for you.

Gab said...

I like how you think, Mamma. I will put that in the suggestion box at the Club.

batreg said...

Jim'll only do that once - we all know you'll drop it in the pool and then they'll have to send you in with a straw to follow the murky swirls!

Jammin' Jemma said...

Bugger the two "Jim's" and I say "Stay in Bed and have your coffee there!"

If you spill it in your bed you can then lie in its warmth....mmmmm bed!