Saturday, August 05, 2006

Goldilocks and The Three Irish Car Bombs

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Chicago is a city with so many bars, and new ones opening every week, that it's hard to find one to hang out in that's "just right".

So I had the bright idea to visit "The Pepper Canister", proposed site of my birthday drinks in a few weeks, to do a bit of reconaissance ahead of the big day. And I figured I was equally intelligent to head there on a Friday and get a feel for what the crowd might be like. And so that's how Irene and me found ourselves propping up the bar from 5pm last night.

I wasn't disappointed with the look and feel of my chosen bar. Sure it's a little on the small side, but that turns out to be just right, because the crowd doesn't get too big inside - mostly people occupy the outdoor tables in weather like this. But the staff are also very friendly and I am currently negotiating a drinks package deal with the owner so my guests can enjoy value for money as well as good service.

And the food is very good. The menu is standard pub grub, but comfort food. I can recommend the steak and guinness pie. And the onion rings with jalapeno cheese.

But who ordered the three Irish car bombs at the end of the night? Oi vey. I had kept my beer consumption to a moderate level (save for the two beers that Lenny, the regular barfly, ordered for us). But all of a sudden - and I think it was me who said it - I had put an Irish car bomb in front of myself, Irene, AND our new best friend Ivan, the bar tender.

For those who are yet to experience them, Irish Car Bombs are a 1/2 glass of Guinness, with a shot of Baileys dropped in - and then you slam it down fast. If you can. Try it at least once.

And then two more Irish Car Bombs, and I was having a fabulous time. So was the Irish tourist who felt compelled to smooch me twice. They're a friendly bunch, those Irishmen on holiday...

So I give "The Pepper Canister" the two thumbs-up seal of approval, and I look forward to getting back there in a few weeks. Perhaps when the Irishmen have gone home and the coast is clear.


Anonymous said...

it's been a long day hasn't it Gabs? hugs to your from your partner in crime, irene

batreg said...

I'm recommending panadol all round - they're the kinda car bomb the RAA wouldn't even consider helping you out with .... I would but the RAA, they're real sticklers!

Jammin' Jemma said...

You need to try Yager Bombs Gab if you haven't already - tastes like medicine.

Gab said...

Jems, far from being the digestif that it is in Europe (and therefore a slightly classier beverage), Jagermeister is the drink du jour amongst the college frat set here in the States. Consequently I have had more than my share of shots purchased for me by youthful drunken bums. Bless them.