Thursday, August 03, 2006

My (old) school reunion

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Australians are everywhere. Anyone who has ever travelled abroad will tell you that with some degree of certainty, if not authority. So tonight when I went along to the Aussie wine tasting, I just knew it would be an event full of expats reminiscing about the homeland and doing the "Do you know so-and-so?" verbal dance.

Advance is an Aussie expat association formed in New York but now spread across the US and into Asia and Europe. The Chicago chapter of Advance hosted the wine tasting at a local wine store that I have actually been a member of for a few months now. Seeing Aussies there tonight for a blind wine tasting was about fun, not pressure.

And I even recognised a guy there tonight and I couldn't quite place him. I knew that I knew him and not being able to think how really frustrated me. But when I finally got introduced, it came to me in a flash. And I was able to tell him that I knew him from my Uni days when he was a guest lecturer in one of my classes. I knew him for only 2 hours and yet I remembered him. Of course he's also the Media Adviser for the Leader of the Opposition back home in SA, so perhaps my subconscious remembered him from TV or something too.

Needless to say, the night ended well when the South Aussies regrouped and went to dinner at Bin36, a gorgeous wine bar/restaurant Downtown. It was a night of fun and laughs and I really enjoyed it.

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glamah16 said...

To bad I'm not at that location.What a small world! Did you say hi to Jimmy?