Monday, August 14, 2006

"Shorn Preston"

"Shorn Preston"
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No, this isn't Britney Spears's son; rather this is the puppy formerly known as Lexie's ultra fluffy ninja dog. Sigh, what a difference a haircut makes!

Preston hates swimming at the dog beach near our place but has been down there a few times for a run around and ends up matted beyond all rescue. So Lex took Preston to his stylist yesterday (yes, this is America after all), and Preston got absolutely massacred. He looks and feels like he's coated in velvet now, except for the fluffy head which makes him look like a girl dog. He feels it too but we do our best not to mention it.

So while Preston slumped into depression last night, Lex and I fought the urge to laugh at him every time he whooshed past us, this flashing streak of white. How do you explain to a dog that his hair will grow back?

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that dogs creepy