Monday, August 14, 2006

And all that jazz

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For mine, I think that the opening scene of "Chicago", when Catherine Zeta Jones shimmy shakes all over the stage of the speakeasy singing "All That Jazz", is one of the greatest film openers ever.

And I know that song isn't jazz per se, but rather it warmed me up for the devil-may-care abandon of this City, starting in the 1920s. Since I first experienced that musical, I've wanted to hear jazz and learn a bit more about it. Not from a CD or a recording, but from live artists.

So on Friday night I went along to the Club (or "The Cult" as Lex has taken to calling it) to see a jazz band, and I really liked what I heard. Even an old guy, who would have been 300 if he was a day, told the story about how he'd played and sung with Louis Armstrong, and I think that impressed everyone. Then the old guy predictably, but no less impressively, sang "What a Wonderful World" and it brought the house down.

So while I think jazz sounds messy and hotch-potch, I can nevertheless start to appreciate it when it's performed by smooth and slick musicians. In fact, I know I will grow to like it more and more.

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glamah16 said...

We'll you'll have to come to venues with me . I'm always looking for a partner to come. Chicago has some great jazz joints. Unfortunately Certain Someone likes metal.Going to check out a new place with live perfomances on Wed for a zoo event.