Saturday, August 12, 2006

The blue box that heals all

Blue bag, blue box
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Holly Golightly used to suffer the "mean reds". Having the blues was too common for her; they just meant she was sad. But the "mean reds" were infinitely worse than that, and the only cure for them was a trip to Tiffany's. For Holly, Truman Capote's favourite heroine, having "Breakfast at Tiffany's" made everything better because surely nothing bad could ever happen to anyone there.

And yesterday I received my very first little blue box, and I can attest to the healing qualities of Tiffany sterling silver. Katie, Daz, and J had managed to conspire behind my back and had me delivered a stunning silver pendant on a delicate chain as an early birthday gift.

Taking me back to Christmas Days as a very young girl, my fingers were literally trembling as I got the first glimpse of the famous little blue box. Even if the contents had been a sterling silver telephone dialer, I would have been so happy. To find that it was a beautiful silver necklace that is entirely "me", I was just bowled over. But when I read the card, I got a little sad because I realised that my friends know me so very well:

"..would have got you a cracker jack ring engraved like Audrey but can't get the cereal here!"

No blues OR mean reds over here, just one very happy and touched Tiffany fan who not only has great jewellery, but truly wonderful friends who forget nothing, even when two of them are about to celebrate their own 30th birthdays xox

J, Kate, and Daz


Parisienne said...

So glad you liked it my love even if you didn't wait until the 18th to tear open that little blue box! Can't wait to spend your 30th with you somewhere fabulous next year but in the interim, and in advance even though I will talk to you again before it is over, have a wonderful birthday my love. Many french air kisses from Adelaide. xxx

PS: stay tuned for birthday party pics v soon...

dodgey said...

strange - all the tiffany electrical stuff i buy at Woolies doesnt come in a blue box