Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Making hay while the sun shines

Butterfly House
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Actually I really dislike that expression, but I have been thinking about it today because my calendar from now until Monday is absolutley full. I committed myself to making the most of the summer sunshine while it still plans to hang around. The weatherman told me today that it's only going to be another few weeks and then we start getting cooler days and even cooler nights. I punched him in the face.

No I didn't really. But it got me thinking about the sorts of activities I should engage in to maximise my daylight enjoyment. So guess what?

Tomorrow I'm going to a fancy art gallery reception being hosted by a fabulous Chicago restaurant; Thursday I'm meeting a bunch of new young professionals at the Cult's Happy Hour; Friday I'll be drinking shots at an Irish bar; Saturday will see me watching the Chicago Air Show from my friend's rooftop garden; and finally I'll be spending all day Sunday with my friend in the VIP tent at the PGA Tournament. Exhausted yet? Me too. Couple that with my unbending (weekday) commitment to sliding out of bed at 5.15am to go swimming, and I think I'm in for some tiring times.

But with any luck, this social power surge will also herald exciting new photos to view so stay tuned for them too. Adios for now - gotta go lie down and contemplate the next few days.

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