Monday, August 07, 2006

Get down with your bad self

Sweet Child o Mine
Originally uploaded by jason3d.

With heartfelt thanks and a thousand blessings to Reg, who kindly bestowed on me a surprise early birthday present. No, not the kid in the Gunners tshirt - look closer. Yep, an Ipod Shuffle!

And me, the IT ignoramus, programmed the thing with 120 songs all by myself. Pure genius.

So now I can bop along to my favourite tunes and not have to speak to anyone on public transportation.

I get the feeling that pretty soon, I'll be wearing an expression of serene Buddha-ness like this little guy. But I draw the line at also wearing the one-piece Guns & Roses romper suit. The world just ain't ready for that one.


batreg said...

There's a Xmas gift suggestion if ever I saw one - I'm on e-Bay to track down your one piece in a jiffy!

kilabyte said...

Never fear Reggie, da momma back here may be able to help with the real McCoy - pre-worn ........... now that will make the Gabster's head spin !!!

kilabyte said...

.... I forgot ...... and there are some cute vegemite-eating photos too that anyone who knows da Gabster will be able to say .... yup, that's the girl !!!