Monday, July 03, 2006

Getting lost in a DVD

The pace of my life caught up with me yesterday and the only thing I was capable of doing (after escorting the girls to O'Hare in the morning) was to put my pyjama pants on and watch back-to-back episodes of the first season of "Lost".

Am I the last person on the planet to realise what a gripping and addictive show this is? Admittedly I had previously thought that the premise for the show was kind of dumb, and I wondered how long the writers and producers could stretch it out before it became a big farce. How quickly would the show become "Lord of the Flies" or worse, "Gilligan's Island"?

But just having watched a few episodes yesterday, I am absolutely addicted to the show. And very much in love with Dr Jack (aka Charlie Salinger from "Party of Five"....who's with me?). He's like McGyver with a medical degree. And he spends just the right amount of time with his shirt off. Sunscreen is scarce on the island, after all.

Lexie is at home today, ahead of the 4th of July public holiday, and she is fighting every urge in her body NOT to put the DVD on and sneak in one or two episodes without me. We have notionally agreed that our day off tomorrow will consist of doing laundry and watching "Lost", so I really hope she can hold up her end of that bargain.

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batreg said...

Although in the spirit of Independance Day she might be forgiven for going it alone???