Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An earth-shattering kaboom!

IMG_4392 - Venetian Night Fireworks
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Yesterday was my first US-based Independence Day, and I'd like to say that Chicago was festive and celebratory. But to report this accurately, I would have to have left the house - and I didn't. Except to do the laundry of course; loads and loads of it. But at least Lexie and me managed to finish the first series of "Lost", which was the only goal we'd set ourselves for the day anyway.

But I think the relaxation was entirely deserved, given the celebrations that we'd participated in the night before. Given the public holiday on the 4th, a huge fireworks spectacular is organised for the night before, and millions of Chicagoans come out to watch them. The fireworks are let off from Grant Park, making for spectacular light shows reflecting off Lake Michigan.

Courts was kind enough to extend me and Lexie and invitation to her aunt's Lake-front apartment, that provided the perfect vantage point to watch the fireworks and see the crowds below. Perched on Gail's balcony, I joined the chorus of "ooh" and "aah" as the rainbow of colours exploded one after the other. We did spare a thought for Preston though, who we figured was probably trying desperately to unlock the front door and flee to quieter surrounds.

It was funny to look down from Gail's balcony and see Lakeshore Drive absolutely deserted, save for one line of very slow-moving vehicles being shepherded by police. Never in all my time here have I seen the Drive so quiet. One lone cyclist was making the most of the freedom and quiet, and riding snake-like, weaving across all the lanes, at his own pace. Normally such a bike ride is a white-knuckle experience!

Courts and Gail really did go all-out for the fireworks party, and the cocktails and canapes were being served by the truckload until the wee hours. I didn't get any photos of my own, but my friend Kat was taking some (and she's a professional photographer) so I might be able to get hold of some from her and share them with you.

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Jammin' Jemma said...

Reminds me of the little kid at the Sky Show 2006 Kylie was telling me about. Every time he saw the fireworks he'd shout "Boiya" and "Boomshakalaka".

haha, cute kid. Glad he's not mine! :)