Sunday, January 15, 2012

When The Blob met The Unabomber

Reading over my previous post, I approached this weekend with a resolution not to be such a pansy-ass about my NYC Half-Marathon training. Instead, I decided to do the miles I was supposed to do, and just not complain about it. And do you know what? That's exactly what I did.

And the weekend weather being what it was, my fleecy-lined running tights got some outdoor time this weekend. Still confronting to shoe-horn my thighs into them, but they are very comfortable and were hugely useful to fend off the frosty New York air.

Saturday we had our group training session and we had to get into pacing groups. I still don't really know how long it takes me to run a mile but I took the conservative option of joining the slowest group in the pack - not just because it seemed do-able, but also because I didn't want to make my knee any more sore than it has been. The group I joined was actually a combination walk/run group, and our plan was to shuffle through intervals of 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking. We motored along at a slow but constant pace and while I'm still not good at having a conversation while I run, I got through the rostered 6 miles without even realising it! And I could talk - and more importantly move - after our training and in spite of the frigid conditions, I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

Today (Sunday morning), the weather was sooo much worse. We're only looking at a maximum of -3 Celcius today, so obviously the morning start was pretty brutal. When I left the house, it was only -7 degrees. Yikes! And we also didn't have the luxury of someone to watch our bags this morning, so I had to dress for that. I had to wear something warm enough to go out in, but not too warm that I would overheat as I ran. Decisions, decisions. So I adopted a Unabomber-type costume of my running tights, singlet, long-sleeved hooded running top and a weather-proof jacket on top. Plus sunglasses and earrings (a bit of overkill perhaps, but if I can't wear make-up, I have to do something extra - right?). I met Flora & K-Train at 10am at our usual Central Park training location and off we went, along the 4 mile course of the upcoming Gridiron Classic. I'm registered to do that race and I wanted to have a bit of a rehearsal before race day. Fortunately for me the girls agreed to keep me company. I also gave the girls the heads-up that I'm not exactly the fastest (or most chatty) runner, and I was honestly happy to let them run on ahead and I'd catch up later. But whether they slowed down for me, or whether I just did better than anticipated, I actually kept up with them and ran the whole 4 miles! I honestly still can't believe it.

So sure, it was a combination of run-walking this weekend but I still clocked up 10 miles and I feel really good about it. Running outside instead of on the treadmill really does make the world of difference. Plus running with other people helps a lot too - even if you don't talk to them.

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