Sunday, June 14, 2009

Having a Sunday fiddle

Topol's farewell tour.
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I probably should have dyed my hair blue this morning, to be adequately prepared for today's theater adventure. The average age of the audience members would easily have been 85. But it's little wonder really - the star of the show was the one, the only TOPOL in his farewell tour of "Fiddler on the Roof".

My sister was never far from my mind as I watched Topol shimmy across the stage in "If I were a rich man" (do be do be do) - Jem's version of this number is rather like the Sugar Plum Fairy on crack - yet she will perform it upon request...and sometimes completely impromptu.

Topol has performed the role of Tevye over 2500 times and you've got to give props to a guy that can do that. I don't know how old Topol is for sure, but the man still has "it". The energy is boundless and the deep, booming voice is at once calming and commanding. In some scenes, he sounded like Andre The Giant and so I got the giggles. The old ladies tsked me all around. More giggles from me.

I was not laughing, however, during intermission when I tried to get to the bathroom. Trying to get 3,000 eighty-five year old women to pee in the space of 10 minutes is like herding cats. This time it was MY turn to tsk. I am so impatient when I need to pee.

After the performance I was in the mood to be indulgent, so I called into the iconic Petterino's and had a cosmo. The barman was a genius, mixing up a delicious shaker full of pink fabulousness just for me - and while I thought better than to tell him about my afternoon spent with the Blue Rinse Brigade, I sat alone to savour my cocktail as the old ladies around me enjoyed their dinner. At 5pm.


kilabyte said...

If that's all it takes .... your first morning home will be me clumping down the corridor singing "If I were a rich man .....". Immediately followed by a rousing rendition of "George Thorogood" "Get a haircut and get a new job".

Anonymous said...

Aww Topol - he's like a second dad to me.

Tradition? Tradi-TIOOONNNN!

But this Sugar Plum Fairy on Crack comment? Completely untrue - my moves are the stealth moves of a jungle cat......mildly on crack.

glamah16 said...

Topol is still aliove. You are blogging again!Now I you have to to keep your friends over here informed of whats up.Im starting to cry.