Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Winners are grinners. Whatever.

So yesterday was Chicago's turn to celebrate the Melbourne Cup 2007 and from what I can gather, it's the first time that the Aussie expat community here has gathered to celebrate The Race That Stops The Nation.

Whether owing to lack of interest, or a desire to maintain some degree of excitement about the occasion, I resisted temptation to peek at the Aussie media and see which horse triumphed. The Victorian State Government co-hosted the event with Advance at Just Grapes, "my" gorgeous little wine store in The Loop. The event was a sell-out in about 10 minutes, which far exceeded even our expectations!

I didn't get in the full spirit of the event by wearing a fancy hat, but it didn't really matter because we had plenty of other guests who made up for it.

To make sure all our guests got into the sweep, I missed out on picking a horse and truth be told, even though we broadcast the race, I still missed out on it and so I still have no idea who won! Oh well, everyone knows that I was in it for the booze and the mingling; it's all good.

The night wasn't a late one by any means, and I was back at home before 9.30pm so I was pretty pleased about that. The weather is starting to get chilly and while Chicago socially looks after its own even in winter, being out and about in the cold wind isn't really my cup of tea. And so I found the sweet spot on the sofa late last night and chilled out with a glass of red wine before bed. Blissful, no?

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Batreg said...

You're still leauges ahead of me, I actually watched the race and I still don't know who won!!
It's un-Austraylyan