Sunday, November 04, 2007

The carpenter and the chiropractor

Waking up this morning to a new daylight-savings time zone, I'm sore all over. Stupid furniture assembly and the lugging of my groceries has contributed to multiple muscle spasms and general misalignment of all of my essentials.

Dare I suggest that Target's furniture is much easier to assemble than that Swedish stuff, and now that I've assembled not one, but two console tables, you just come and find ME if ever you need to pop one together, m'kay?

And so I present to you the fruits of my carpentry labours (and though I didn't construct them per se, you are also welcome to marvel at my new dining chairs & chic black tablecloth).

Okay, I'm off to have my spine re-adjusted and my muscles gently manipulated by a health care professional (code for: multiple Bloody Mary's over brunch)!

Computer Table Dining Table TV Unit Console Table

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kilabyte said...

When the Lord asks you to build an Ark you wont have to ask him "Lord, what's a cubit??" and neither will need to find the local Ikea or Target .... you, an axe, a forest, and an Allen key ..... voila, one Ark.

That's my girl ..... a St. Dominic's education was more than just conjugating verbs ........