Monday, October 15, 2007

Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits

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Chicago's Greektown neighbourhood only extends for three blocks, but those few streets are chock full of restaurants, food shops, bars, and cafes with an amazing array of Greek delicacies busting out of them. I'm right into the restaurant scene of course, and any opportunity to stuff my face is seized, and so it was that we ended up at "Venus" for dinner the other night.

After a combo plate of dips and pita, Jems ordered the delicious lamb and veggies that had been cooked low & slow for six whole hours, and it literally fell off the bone when the waitress unwrapped it. Mum had the octopus flavored with balsamic vinegar, and I enjoyed some chicken medallions infused with lemon juice on a bed of rice (half of which came home with me for lunch another day). Our meals ended with ice cream and Greek coffee, which easily complemented the glass of Greek wine that we'd earlier enjoyed.

Sunday morning was a little rough, admittedly, but it was just because we had to be up early to get to Chicago's iconic House of Blues for the gospel brunch. In typical Aussie fashion, we located the two Aussies at the HOB (one works in the souvenir shop and has been in Chicago for about 10 years, and the other was a visitor who was in Chicago solo for work). We invited the latter lady - from Melbourne - to sit with us and she happily obliged. The buffet brunch was typically over-indulgent and the complimentary mimosa was yummy. But the piece de resistance was easily the talented choir - they are just amazing and their rich voices filled the venue beautifully. We used to sing "Oh Happy Day" and "Amen" at school - but not once did we ever sound like that.

To get out of the rain afterwards, we went to Macy's and spent some holiday cash - on things we desperately NEEDED of course - and then it was home to relax and do laundry, and then pack for today's trip to Toronto.

We will be on blogging hiatus for the next few days but when we come back on Thursday, I'll do my best to upload some Canadian photos (particularly of us in blue ponchos aboard the "Maid of the Mist" at Niagara Falls....very fetching!).

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Parisienne said...

All my love to the Krasowski ladies and I can't wait to hear more when I am back in Oz in December. Have fun in Toronto (actually, given the delayed comment it is probably more had fun in Toronto!). Don't eat the prawns ;)