Saturday, October 13, 2007

A day of culture in Chicago

Sue at The Field #2
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Today was quite exhausting, even though we walked around exceptionally slowly. We got to The Field Museum around 11am and there wasn't much of a line-up which was good. I had only been to the museum once before, and only then to view the King Tut exhibition, so I hadn't even stayed on to experience the rest of it. Let's just say that there is so much to see and experience inside Chicago's musuem of natural history, it blows your mind. Even with all the little kids running around and their frazzled parents chasing after them, the day was very pleasant in there.

I think one of the most impressive things about The Field is that the animals are posed rather naturally in the exhibits; they aren't just staring out, glassy-eyed at you, all in a row. I took some photos of my favourite exhibits, including Sue - the fabulous T-Rex skeleton that takes up some prime real estate in The Great Hall.

You can find the day's photos in my Chicago album here.

We left around 3pm and walked to The Shedd Aquarium to take in the beautiful view of the City skyline. Then we wandered through Grant Park and saw the new public art installation called "Agora", and wandered slowly along Michigan Avenue up to Millennium Park to see the face fountains and The Bean. It was a cool day but not cold, and while the sky was grey, there wasn't any rain at all, so we were pretty fortunate all round.

We're about to head out to dinner in Greektown and I'm hopeful that we will have some Greek musicians to entertain us, like I had the last time I went there. We'll see...

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