Monday, September 03, 2007

I carried a watermelon?!

Danger of electrocution
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For the benefit of the men in the room, the title of today's post comes from "Dirty Dancing", in a scene where our heroine, Baby (who nobody puts in a corner) literally carries a watermelon to a dance party. Yes, the movie has a girl, a boy, some fruit, some dancing...kinda makes you want to go out and rent it, eh?!

I mention this line from the movie because the last two days have seen me using muscles I never knew I had (but can now feel intimately), trying to get my new place set up as best I can.

I got all my shoes unpacked and, channelling Imelda Marcos in a way that surprised even me, the shoes take up closet space in not one, but two rooms! Genius.

And yesterday I hosted a couple of friends who came to check out the place (and they were bearing gifts too, so they can come back any old time).

But today was all about picking up the essential items that I wanted to get from Linens N Things, a store that has everything you could ever need to deck out a place. At each entrance they even have a little checklist for college students to give them an idea of what they might need to fit out a dorm room - I tell you, they have thought of everything.

But I was on a mission today and I knew exactly what I needed. So I took my shopping cart/dodgem car and bashed into everything on the ends of every aisle - it was great. But I wormed my way around and found a bunch of kitchen stuff, plus a fun shower curtain and shower caddy. Yes friends, I even had the shop assistant search the basement for exactly the shower curtain I had to have. A matching set of rings later and I was on my way.

And because it didn't involve power tools or raw wires, I set up my bathroom all by myself when I got home. And I didn't fall off the edge of the bath once. And I only swore twice.

Standing back to survey the results, I nodded proudly to myself at my small but important contribution to the apartment. The shower curtain was my watermelon. And I will tell anyone who asks that it's all my own handiwork.

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