Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What do you mean, rats are dirty?!

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I am not a fan of squirrels, a well-known fact around these parts. But I am not at all squeamish about mice or rats, owing I think to the fact that my sister used to keep some mice as pets. [Let's not talk about the day the sun baked a litter of them...ewww.]

Last night I went with Lex & Cory to see "Ratatouille" at the cinema and it was the most adorable movie I've seen in ages. Kids and adults across the cinema were laughing out loud, though I suspect for different reasons at times.

I can remember when K and me went to see "Finding Nemo" and we felt weird about being adults in a kids movie. Of course those qualms were eased once the movie started and we realised how grown up some of the humor was. This was the case in "Ratatouille" and I think the Pixar studio is genius at that.

And what could be bad about a movie set in Paris? I mean, come on!

You have to go and see it. Tell them I sent you. They won't give a toss, but tell them anyway.


kilabyte said...

"You dirty rat ..." Jimmy Cagney

Parisienne said...

I seem to recall a bottle of wine before Finding Nemo that may have helped... And I actually have no trouble at all believing that rats may have an integral preparatory role in the restaurants here sometimes!

Batreg said...

I love kids movies, it's the kids in the cinema that bug ya!!

Jammin' Jemma said...

And for the record, I did not BAKE my baby mice - only the adult mouse. The babies hid under the saw dust where it was cooler.