Sunday, July 08, 2007

There are 24 usable hours in every day

bed time
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I got home around 8pm on Friday and was in bed asleep about 20 minutes after that. I didn't even stir until 9am Saturday, and even that was only because my alarm went off to remind me I had a hair appointment. I seriously must have needed that sleep.

Saturday was Errands Day. I'm looking after L&D's parrot and potplants while they are on vacation (the former has a high chance of survival; the latter is anyone's guess). But I went and took care of those babies yesterday then it was off to Walgreens for milk and bread and back home to watch some DVDs. Laundry was on the Errands Day list, but got ultimately got bumped until Sunday.

I went out with Dr G last night for a wine tasting at her neighbourhood wine store (Que Syrah - cute name, eh?) and then we had dinner at Moe's Cantina on Clark. The two margaritas I had went down a treat - they were really good. Then we went home but I got a phone call an hour or so later from my work colleague LR, and we hit the town again. We met up at the Duke of Perth, then adjourned to Matildas where we met some guys, and we grabbed a cab with them to some dive bar on Irving Park Road to keep playing pool. At about 3am I decided to call it a night, and LR had the same idea, so we got outta there. I woke up this morning hot, bothered, and hungover. And with three loads of laundry to do. Damn my flexible Errands Day list.

But I soldiered on and did all the things I had to do, in readiness for yet another busy week at work. I tell you what though, if you ever get the chance to crawl into bed and pass out for 12 hours straight, I highly recommend it. It leaves you feeling like a million bucks. Not sure when my next coma will occur but I'm not-so-secretly looking forward to it!

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Batreg said...

Now I recently did this but admit mine was chest cold driven and I woke up feeling like loose change, not even $5 .... but today, even though I'm still not quite on the money I feel like I have a little savings bank of sleep.