Thursday, May 24, 2007

What light through yonder window breaks?

sky,flower,sunshine,and breeze
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Sometimes I think it's just the promise of a warm, sunny day that can cheer me up. Having been house bound with some sort of smallpox infection (not really but you know what I mean), I have been pretty bummed to see that Chicago has enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather in the last few days without me.

But today I was back at work, and in some strappy sandals no less, making the most of the 25 degree celcius weather on the walk to the office.

My day started well with a delicious Italian coffee and nutella croissant (only my second one since I first discovered them), and then my boss put on an extra coat of kindness by buying us all donuts - blissful. Biggsy and me were going to split one and then figured that we were kidding ourselves, so I scoffed a chocolate one while he inhaled a jam-filled one. We were in heaven.

And even though the forecast suggests rain this long weekend, the temp will still be up and it will still be flip-flop weather, and I feel pretty good about that.


kilabyte said...

There are times when it's just great to be alive, no matter which country you happen to be in ..........

Batreg said...

Roll on those times!
Am feeling v.tired and ready for a weekend where eith luck and mental fortitude I too shall enjoy the last of the autumn sun ... frost bite be damned the flip flops are staying out.