Monday, May 21, 2007

The prescription and the pin cushion

All the Drugs in this World
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It's been a fairly interesting couple of days and I have become well acquainted with the procedures at Northwestern Hospital's ER Department.

I've been given IV drugs, pills to take, and referred to an allergist who has re-prescribed me some pretty heavy antihistamenes and steroids to take in an effort to bring down the nasty rash that keeps flaring up.

All signs seem to point to a viral infection, which is good news from the perspective that I'm not contagious, nor do I have to give up any foods or drinks I currently enjoy - phew! Can you imagine ME being allergic to dairy or meat or caffeine?! What would my diet possibly consist of? And don't say soy milk - blech!!

So while I medicate around the clock and get better, it's fair to say that I'll be off work and offline for a few days. I'm sure I'll have some better news for you next time I logon. Hasta la vista, babies!


kilabyte said...

... and "h'all be baaack" .........

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