Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh rats, I got s-s-steam heat

Rainy night
Originally uploaded by CyberGus.

Had dinner and drinks with P last night and had a rat run right up to my foot while we sat outdoors at the cafe. Didn't make a scene, didn't kick the rat into the middle of next week, didn't really know what happened actually. But I did give an almighty shudder and question whether I was living in 12th Century London.

Actually that's not really fair for Chicago; this city is beautiful. But I will tell you something else that sucks. Leaving work at 5.30pm and having to stand on a bus the whole way home in bumper-to-bumper traffic, in three inch heels. Ladies and gents, it is the twelfth circle of hell on earth, trust me.

But there is something splendid about coming home, putting my pyjamas on in record time almost immediately, and listening to pounding rain and a brewing heated thunderstorm while the apartment is like a sauna and we prepare to watch new episodes of "House" and "Law & Order: SVU".

Let me tell you, it makes the rats, rain, and routes all worth it.


dodgey said...

well, with it raining cats and dogs it may help to get rid of the rats.

ps: going to the iron-chef type cook-a-rama on sunday..??

Jammin' Jemma said...

I stepped on a rat once while walking around Granite Island in the dark. It was a night tour with very little lighting. The rat was squishy. It squeeked. I squeeked!

kilabyte said...

And Georgie the Ninja Master, found a dead rat out by the clothes line but it took the Spoggy to remove and dump it. He reckons his job was finished identifying the problem .... now that's managerial acumen ... the ninja skills come in handy only if your staff become insubordinate (rats!!!).