Monday, May 14, 2007

Australia in a glass, after glass, after glass

Almost Harvest in Chianti
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A few months ago, my friends at "Just Grapes" wine store asked me to spread the word about a one-night wine class that they were running, that would focus on Australia. I duly sent around an email to the Aussie community, and thought about going along myself. After all, I would only have considered myself a gluttonous consumer, not an educated one.

So at the last minute, Jenn and her friend Jill decided to join me, and we sat up the front as the delightful chief winemaker from Barossa Valley Estates (go Adelaide!) educated a roomful of people about the specialties of each wine region of Australia.

I had paid a lot of attention to the whites, that obviously came first. By 8pm we had hit half-time and I was ready to attack the reds. But then the reds attacked me, and by the time we got to the port to end the nation-wide tour, I was having a wonderful time. Not drunk by any stretch, but certainly glad that no one asked me to buy any wines or I may have walked out with half the shop in one transaction!

Continuing the wine theme, the girls and me pressed on to Bin36, where I will be dining with my fireman some time soon (you can't rush these things folks). I had a lovely wine flight from Italy called "Sexy Reds" - and they were delish.

Then it was off to "Howl at the Moon", a bar with duelling pianos that played everything from Pearl Jam to Van Morrison; it was amazing. When they closed and threw us out, we went across the street to dingy Callaghan's, that fortunately kept pouring beers for us until they too had to go to sleep, and kicked us out at 5.30am.

So yes, needless to say after a heavy night of wine, more wine, and beers, I ended up chatting happily to a cab driver at 6am as he drew the short straw to drive me home. He was a good listener hehe.

I had a wonderful weekend - spring has sprung and the weather is fining up. My boss today declared that this will be a good week - I hope she's right.

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