Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I vont to suck your blood

Ready to be Juiced
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After a work event last night, I had made plans to catch up with Jenn for a light dinner but naturally, proper consideration of the menu at "One North Wacker Bar & Restaurant" could not really take place without a cocktail.

And so it was that we settled at a cute table in the front bar and had a refreshing house margarita - no salt. It went down a treat.

I made up my mind that I felt like pasta and so the asparagus risotto with a side order of roasted mushrooms to toss through won the day. But was it wrong that I was more excited about the blood orange margarita I had to go with it?

I love these little fruity gems. I first discovered them in Italy, where they are commonplace in markets. I expected them to taste like a grapefuit (which I don't like) but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that was not the case. Ever since I first tried them, I've been a big fan. Put them on salads, eat them just as they are, douse them in tequila and call it a margarita - however I can get them, I love them.

Perhaps they are not a natural complement to asparagus risotto, but it all tasted pretty good to me last night. Yummo.

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Batreg said...

I remember discovering blood orangina ... that zesty bevvy with the sherbert fizz, never added tequila though .... what was I thinking?

Quite clearly I wasn't!