Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Somehow I doubt Dr Freud would have said that

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I had a wonderfully amusing conversation with a friend last night who told me that, owing to her recent bad luck with men, she had been professionally encouraged "to pray and meditate for peace and joy".

Yes, that is a direct quote.

Apparently in this age of 30-something singles, we've gone past speed dating, online personals, and the recommendations of friends. And we've jumped straight to prayer and meditation. [Naturally while the 'professional' advice was dispatched to my friend, my spinsterhood is just as pronounced as hers, so I am taking the advice rather to heart too.]

Oh don't get me wrong, the advice made us laugh out loud and we both agreed that when she said "prayer and meditation", no doubt "pie and medication" would work just as well. It may not bag us boyfriends, but chances are we won't really care as much.


kilabyte said...

If all else fails .... a dark night, a street corner, a billy-club in the hand, a mate with a car nearby with the engine running, and a sack-truck to make carrying the body easier.

And if that doesn't appeal then your father can make deals in a tent involving camels, goats, sheep and other assorted farmyard animals .... and maybe a dollar or two as well .... Papa's can fix anything for their little cootchy woochty girls .... and their equally cootchy wootchty friends.

Parisienne said...

Just so you know, I spoke to Bee this week and she said she is praying for us both and so no need to do the dirty work yourself there.

And thanks for the offer Mikey but I am not too sure that I want to be traded just at the moment, no matter how many sheep you have to offer!